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CKKE PUBLISHING, we know and understand how important a good book/movie is to a die-hard reader/movie buff. Here, we take profound pride in publishing/producing nothing but page-turning American Drug Crime Anthology Series & Visual Classics. Our motto is, "It's The Movie You Must Read"!!! So whether you're reading one of our anthology drug novels or watching our films, the experience will leave you feeling as if having sat directly in front of a movie screen...


CKKE is not just a publishing/production company. We are also the CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE™, a global online platform that specializes in marketing & promoting American Drug Crime Novels, Classic Crime Fiction, and Anthology novels/e-books. We are the official franchise brander of "DRUG DEALER" The Series, which is currently being hailed by GOOGLE as the "Best Drug Crime Novel Series On The Planet!!!" - Top Ranked IN OVER TWO DOZEN CATEGORIES, (*VERIFIED BY GOOGLE, YAHOO & BING) such as:

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