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"DRUG DEALER" (Collector's Edition)






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From the moment that fifteen-year old "Ty" (Tyrell Nobles) first ventured out into the streets and started hustling, his life was forever changed from that of the average ghetto youth into one of a seemingly complicated adult. He had placed himself in a direct position to be exposed to all the dangerous violence, influences and negative temptations that the cold drug world had to offer. His choices on a personal and political level would ultimately come to determine the outcome of the freedom, safety and aspirations of his family as well as the people living within the ghettos. -That is, having risen in power and now considered to be one of the most controversial and influential "Drug Dealers" in the U.S.. You will learn how staying alive while trying to restructure the game itself to benefit those most harmed by it had become his priority...

....Who are the real Drug Dealers? The kid on the block with the pocket full of stones? Or the big timer in the Benz with the crib in the hills? Maybe it's the pilot flying in the planes from overseas? Or could it be the Government Officials who ordered the shipment? ...Get ready to get your questions answered in this wild Anthology Tale of Drug Crime Fiction that spans two decades and a lifetime of game about the drug trade, its beneficiaries, and the fallen soldiers lost in the struggle. With a flip ending that's sure to make you bug, "Drug Dealer" offers a rare glimpse into the inner world of illegal trafficking and urban violence that has become as American as Chevrolet and apple pie.


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Despite being a Federal attorney with remarkable skills at offensive strategy, Tyrell could have never foreseen the depth of what was now taking place across America. After being forced to release irrefutable evidence against high-level politicians and key members of the otherwise cloaked Illuminati, criminals in every ghetto neighborhood responded in an uproar. The mask of the Criminal Justice System had been unveiled--and now regarded as being nothing more than a Governmental facade,  designed to enslave and profit off the entire drug underworld. Overnight, every prison in the country had become permanently overcrowded beyond humane capacity. The national murder rate was so catastrophic, that not even a Richter scale could measure. 

The message from mainstream America to the underworld was clear: 
--For anyone considered a criminal, law & order no longer existed. 
--Instead of being apprehended, arrested and tried in a court of law, "DRUG DEALERS" were now ordered to be identified, hunted and eliminated. This was now the new version of America's law.

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"Drug Dealer" It's The Movie You Must Read!!! All rights reserved.           






wrongfully mine-(rawng fuulee min) improper noun. An ill-fated mentality when an individual(s) set out to take ownership of something clearly not belonging to them, by the premeditated use of manipulation, coercion, violence, murder, etc..

After battling what Federal Agents furiously called a seemingly never-ending investigation consisting of years of terror, violent bloodshed and countless heroin overdoses, the tight-knit body of "Burn" and his monstrous crew had finally been taken down.

Overnight, the horrified area where the infamous "Little City" housing projects stood, was finally able to breathe. 
-The breath they took didn't last long. At the closing of the 7-month long Federal trial proceedings, which resulted in Burn and several of his loyal henchmen beating out a slew of charges and receiving unbelievably light sentences, the streets they once trampled fell back on pins & needles. The agents were left infuriated.

Confronted  now with the fact that 8 years had elapsed, authorities were left with no choice but to free the ruthless Drug Dealer they had so much come to despise. They knew that upon release, Burn would set out to regain full control of Little City despite the added influx of police & new hustlers staking claim. Although not his, in Burn's eyes he didn't care. He wanted it all back for himself.
Welcome to the mentality of "WRONGFULLY MINE"...  







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